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Castle bar
Fabio Barcellandi
Quando: Sabato 25 Giugno 2011, ore 21:00.

Dove: Castle bar.

POETHREE TOUR - New Italian Voices

sSaturday 25th June at 9.00 p.m.

Castle Bar - Castle St - Derry IRELAND


Excellent poets, Luca Artioli, Andrea Garbin, Fabio Barcellandi and their translator Dave Lordan will be reading in venues across Ireland as part of a national tour to promote the book Poethree-New Italian Voices (Thauma Edizioni, 2011).

They will be travelling around Ireland over the next week and will be in Derry on the 25th. It promises to be a fantastic night. Hosted by the City Of Counterculture.

Luca Artioli, biography:

Luca Artioli was born in Mantova in 1976, where he still lives. He was the creator and co-founder of the “Confraternita dell’ “Uva”, a group of writers 25 from Mantova / Modena / Como. He’s currently a member of the “Movement from the Underground”, a literary group for the union of the arts, based in Montichiari (BS). His official website is

His books are Fragili Apparenze (Apparent fragilities) (Poems - TCM Editions, Mantova, 2005) and Suture (Sutures) (Poems - Ed. Fara, 2011);

Fabio Barcellandi, biography

Fabio Barcellandi was born in Brescia in 1968. He is part of the group of poets and artists that quickens the literary meetings at the coffee bar Galeter in Montichiari, where he has performed on numerous occasions, from his tentative beginnings to the latest missives. He is from under the earth. What they say of him is that he walks hand in hand with death, whistling... He has published two collections of poems: Parole alate (Winged words) (Cicorivolta editions,2007) and Nero, l’inchiostro (Black Ink) (Montag editions, 2008).

Andrea Garbin, biography

Andrea Garbin lives and works in the province of Mantova. He has published the poetry Il senso della musa (The sense of the Muse) (Aletti, 2007) and Latex (Fara, 2009) and some short-stories in the anthologies Per natale non esco (For Christmas I don’t go out) (TranseuropaLibri, 2008) and Il rumore degli occhi (The noise of the eyes) (Edizioni Creativa, 2009).

Dave Lordan's latest collection is Invitation to a Sacrifice (Salmon Poetry, 2010) which was called by The Irish Times 'an act of cultural resistance, as brilliant on the page as it must surely be in performance'. Eigse Riada theatre company produced his first play, Jo Bangles, at the Mill Theatre, Dundrum in 2010. Forthcoming are ‘Assassin for Higher’ from Wurm Press in Nov 2011 and his first collection of short stories ‘Out ofMy Head’ due out from Salmon Publishing in Summer 2012. He can be contacted at

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Castle bar
Fabio Barcellandi

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